Outdoor Season 2018 Rosters

Posted by U10G Phoenix on Apr 28 2018 at 04:41AM PDT in 2016-2017

We are playing in the Elgin Middlesex District Soccer League (EMDLS) and we have two teams: Oakridge Phoenix Red (Tier 1) and Oakridge Phoenix White (Tier 2). Players will play primarily with their assigned team. Team rosters were established according to performance during the spring assessment series and will help ensure that we have enough players at each game. Note that the league only allows team to roster 12 players per game. Because we have 27 players, 3 players will have to sit out each week. As the season progresses and skills are developed, players may be asked to play for the other team, if available. Shifting between teams will be decided by the coaching team according to development, player availability (e.g. vacation or injuries), positions and regulations.

Phoenix Red
Adriana Casavecchia
Danica Cvetkovic
Ella Husser
Erin Seidel
Esme Gavin
Grace Parry
Korinna Warren
Maddie Mills
Maryn Jarvis
Olive Meyer
Sophia Parry
Sophie DeOliveira
Sydney Taylor

Phoenix White
Amelia Hoogenboom
Ashlynn Chrishlom
Bianka Chuy
Cadance Denny
Claire DeCaluwe
Clara Gallagher
Danielle Cardy
Emily Frossard
Grier Stokley
Jessica Thompson
Julia Gosnell
Lauren Stokley
Lisa Hinnah
Marin Vyse